Everyone emotional health is different, our training is personalised to fit your exact needs.

Training Programme

On-going training and development is a crucial part of managing emotional health and healthy relationships. It’s an important part of our lives, and yet we’re often not given the skills to be able to cope effectively. Our training will give your organisation the skills it needs to face the everyday challenges to relationships and emotional health.

All of our trainers have over 10 years experience working with businesses. We have the skills and experience, to create personalised training programmes, designed to give you practical skills that you can take away and use immediately to make a positive impact.

Our training programmes include:

  • Training to suit all timescales
  • Workshops from 1 hour to a full day
  • Personalised content specific to your organisation’s needs
  • Written Policy Documents

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Tailored To Your Organisation

The emotional health and relationships of people are different in all organisations, so all of our training sessions are written specifically for your organisation and the people within it.

Working closely with you we will find out exactly what you need and create a customised toolkit to help you and your teams work more productively together. This includes a staff audit where we speak to everyone within your organisation about any issues before we design your training programme.

We work with a number of other specialist professionals to make sure that you always get the highest quality training from leading professionals.

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